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The Natural Hygiene. What is it? and how you can benefit from it.

Updated: Feb 18

The Natural Hygiene. You probably never heard of it because it is not heavily promoted and advertised by mainstream media and pharmaceutical companies. Natural Hygiene is the most authentic way of living for human beings which won't be advertised by commercial industries, who are profiting from selling you drugs and keeping you unhealthy, also feeding you with lies about humans' healthy lifestyle. Medical doctors, who are part of a corrupted system, treat only symptoms not the cause of the disease, contributing to your sickness and deterioration of your health by prescribing you toxic drugs (sometimes for a lifetime) to suppress your symptoms. Therefore, in modern times, people losing confidence in the medical profession and leaning more toward a Holistic approach and Natural Ways of Living.

Below are excerpts from the Video “ Meet Natural Hygiene – T.C.Fry“ which I stumped on accidentally (although no accidents in life:), where a Health Scientist Dr. T.C. Fry gives an introduction to Natural Hygiene. It was eye-opening for me. Without knowing the rules and principles of Healthy Natural Living we unconsciously consume foods that poison our bodies until symptoms of the disease occur.

Is there a way to reverse disease by simply following The Natural Hygiene Diet and lifestyle?

Your health is 100% in your hands.

Following the Natural Hygiene Diet and the right food combination principles with natural body cycles supported by proper hydration will allow the body to eliminate all acidic waste accumulated during your lifetime and start the self-healing process.

I can only imagine what REIKI in cooperation with Natural Hygiene can achieve for the human's optimal health and wellbeing. Looking forward to diving deeper into it...But could not wait to share with you my findings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you The Natural Hygiene!

What is Natural Hygiene?

Hygiene means the Science of Health.

The human body is self-operating and self-sufficient and only has three primary needs for life: water, air and food supply.

Natural Hygiene is a way of life. It is a set of common sense principles that are in accord with how Nature wants us to live, where health is maintained through natural, self-initiating, self-healing processes of the human body.

Principles of Natural Hygiene:

1. Clean Air

2. Pure Water. Water is a body transport system.

3. Maintenance of comfortable body temperature. It is optimally operates at 97-99F

4. Internal Cleanliness. We keep our bodies free of poisons and toxins. Nothing goes into the body except the Air, Water and Foods of our Biological Adaptation.

5. Sleep. That regenerates our nerve energy that keeps us going, like a battery in a car.

6. Proper Food.

Food gives us nutrients to sustain ourselves.

  • Fruits are the food of our Biological Adaption. Fruits can remove toxins from our bodies and provide us with nutrients immediately. Fruits should be a primary food in our diet.

  • Secondly, we can use Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds.

  • Third grade are cooked potatoes, grains and roots.

Humans are frugivores, there is a commercial reason that keeps truths unknown.

7. Exercise is a means that we keep ourselves fit. At least 3 times a week

Two kinds of exercise:

  • Aerobic exercise that ventilate our body(swimming, bicycling, jogging/running, vigorous walking, dancing, rebounding - which cause breath and pulse double)

  • resistance(weight training, push-ups, chin-ups, etc.

8. Sunshine. It is essential for bone formation.

20-30 minutes a day, before 10 am and after 4 pm during the summer are optimal. Timing is not of such importance in winter.

9. Play and Recreation. All kinds of game activity mental and physical that brings us joy.

10. Rest and Relaxation

11. Mental Poise. Keep our mental health in balance so that we do not become emotionally upset which drains our nerve energy faster than anything

12. Security of Life and Its Means.

13. Creative work. Gives us a feeling of satisfaction and confidence in our lives.

14. Self-Mastery. We have to realize that we are in total control of ourselves and our life situations, and must have self-esteem, self-reliance, and full confidence.

15. Peer Interaction

!6. Expression of Reproductive Instincts.

17. Love, Appreciation and Esteem. Must love and appreciate our fellow men.

18. Expression of Appreciation of Beauty.

19. Inspiration, Purpose and Motivation. Without it life becomes meaningless.

Natural Hygiene meets the needs of life and healthful living

Food Combining – is one of the most important aspects of Natural Hygiene.

!!! When we do not eat biologically adaption food it is most critical that we eat combinations that are enzymatic-ally compatible.

Indigestion is the first cause of disease created by eating from four food groups simultaneously.

Proteins and Carbohydrates require two different chemical mediums to digest properly in the stomach. Proteins require an acid medium while carbohydrates - an alkaline medium.

When eating together any typical meat sandwich the body must produce acid juices and alkaline juices at the same time. Simply chemistry states that acid and alkaline neutralize one another. Therefore in this case digestion is severely retarded causing proteins to petrify and carbohydrates to begin to ferment. This leads to indigestion condition and disease.

Food Combining Principles

1. Proteins and carbohydrates should be taken at separate meals.

Meals with meat should be eaten with vegetables and salad.

Meals with carbohydrates, such as pasta, should be also eaten with vegetables and salad. Starched food should be eaten without meats or other proteins. Avoid steak and potatoes, make them two different meals.

Protein Foods: All meats, nuts, peanuts, milk products, seeds, soybeans.

Carbohydrates foods: All potatoes, winter squashes, breads, grains, cereals, dry peas and beans, sugars and honey.

Proteins and carbohydrates are concentrated foods, harder to digest.

2. Only one concentrated food should be eaten at any one meal.

3. The ideal diet should contain 70-80% high water content food like fruits and vegetables.

Watery content allows the body to conduct its cleansing process, flushing out from the body all toxic materials and promoting a state free from disease.

4. Proper consumption of fruits.

Fruit should be eaten by itself or 15 to 20 min before a meal... never with or after a meal. The reason is that Fruits require practically no digestion in the stomach. It needs to pass through the stomach to the intestines unobstructed. If fruits come in contact with other foods they start the process of fermentation, due to the high content of sugar. Fermentation leads to indigestion and it leads to disease.

5. Eliminate or reduce consumption of dairy products.

If consumed they should be eaten alone or with a large green salad.

Where do you get your proteins in The Natural Hygiene diet?

Proteins exist in all food products. Protein is a minor nutrient needed, our energy comes from fructose and glucose which are in fruits and other carbohydrates. Energy is our primary requirement.

The body must use Calcium and other mineral resources in order to metabolize white sugar and white flour.

When the body takes Calcium and other base elements from the bones to neutralize acidic products then we experience acid indigestion and it creates osteoporosis (porosity of the bone, bone looks like squeezed cheese or sponge)

When we cook food calcium in products becomes inorganic, inorganic as rock state and the body can not use it in that form.

Dairy food is not food at all. It causes respiratory problems.

Milk, eggs, chocolate and things of this nature are the number one that form allergies. Calcium supplements, dairy products and other calcium products reduce calcium uptake by the body.

Rich in calcium are leafy greens, broccoli, oranges, etc.

You should eat at least 80% of raw food in your diet.

When food is cooked you deaminate the amino acids and proteins which are composed of amino acids breaking down the starches and turning minerals into inorganic form. All inorganic minerals are poisonous.

Cardiovascular disease is caused by eating high-fat, high-cholesterol foods. The body is unable to use heated fats and it is unable to utilize animal cholesterol and it rejects it. Then it absorbs and stays in the bloodstream, and it combines with inorganic minerals and they form a plug. Then, the plug blocks the arteries. When arteries are sufficiently blocked we create coronary insufficiency or infarction, because the body does not get enough blood supply.

Natural Hygiene Recommends:

1. Reduce or eliminate poisonous habits.

2. Follow the principles of food combining.

3. Eat a diet of at least 70-80% high water content food.

4. Consider applying the 19 principles of Natural Hygiene.

5. Respect the natural body cycles.

Natural body cycles:

The body operates on 3 eight hour cycles

1. Elimination from 4 am to 12 pm - eliminates the waste materials and "house" cleaning. Nothing other than Fresh Juice or Fruits should be consumed.

2. Appropriation cycle from 12 pm to 8 pm – body wants to take-in its fuel. This is the best time to eat.

3. Assimilation from 8 pm to 4 am – The body processes and absorbs nutrients consumed. No food should be eaten during these hours, exception is a fruit, if desired, after 3-4 hours of properly combined meal.

They are the keys to dynamic health!

The Benefits of Natural Hygiene

1. Increased energy

2. Freedom from worry about ill health and growing older

3. End to dieting

4. Sustained feeling of well-being and vitality

5. Reduced and eliminated medical bills and health coasts

The full Video with testimonials: “ Meet Natural Hygiene – T.C.Fry" is below.

Peace and Love to All!

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