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Expand your Awareness, and be the change you want to see in the World.

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

I have been following Jason Shurka's work for years and watched him grow exponentially.

His new platform UNIFYD.TV one of the fastest growing video streaming platforms today with censorship-free and mind-expanding content, covering a wide range of topics, such as:

Health Science Nutrition Astrology Mysticism Spirituality Channelling

Technology Current Events Ancient History Energetic Healing Extraterrestrial life

Guided Meditations Remote Viewing and much much more...

Here are a few trailers for you to trigger your curiosity:

“Hacking the God Code”

Jason Shurka sits down with Patricia Cori to discuss her book “Hacking the God Code”. This book explores the realities of the planet right now. We are divine beings and our DNA is the architecture of divine creation. What are they trying to do by hacking OUR God code?

Find out how Patricia exposes the darkness going on in the world. Exclusively on UNIFYD TV!

“Beliefs and Stories”

“Beliefs and Stories” is a Jeff Witzeman film that will take on a roller coaster of emotions: empowerment, information, and understanding. Awareness of ourselves is how we take our power back and change this world once and for all!

"Toxic Truth about Food"

Maureen McDonald, Amy Gordon, Melony Williams present “The Toxic Truth About Food”. This lecture brings you the truth about food- how it is a powerful medicine but also can be toxic when manipulated.

Can frequency and energy heal your body? Do we have the freedom to heal the way we want to, not the way we were told to? Are there nontraditional healing methods that use technology for positive progress?

Jason Shurka sat down for an emotional and inspiring interview with Dr. Carrie Madej. After surviving a horrible plane crash, Dr. Carrie Madej shared how EESystem technology helped heal her body.

"Extraterrestrial Communication" with Brandon Bozarth is a UNIFYD TV Original Series. This 5-part series shares Brandon's stories on how he was able to communicate with and begin to channel an extraterrestrial being.

Brandon takes us on a journey of hyperintelligence, consciousness, and a direct line to something 300 years into the future.

What does an extraterrestrial have to say? And what should we be hearing?


UNIFYD.TV is spreading awareness and waking up humanity! I highly recommend to you explore this platform and start your awakening journey now.

To gain access to an abundant library of UNIFYD TV content follow the link

Peace and Love to All!

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