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Nature is awakening, you should be too...I was inspired to share this with those who resonate.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The Sun, our awesome Sun, Source of Light and Love, always calling me outside of my walls... I went to the park, as usual, I like to be alone with interference, no judgement, surrounded by a high energies of ever giving Gods Creations... I feel one with Nature and we are all One.

I wonder how many people don’t see what I see?... How many people don’t feel what I feel?... How long it will take for humanity to wake up and trust your inner being...How many fall into the insanity of losing themselves into the intentionally designed, created and implemented Coronavirus madness living miserable lives in fear...

I visited my tree, Fernando always happy to see me :). I was guided to do a prayer and a little meditation with my tree. We hold each other saying:

“ I ask for my highest good the most beneficial outcome for all Humanity of the Earth and All Creation!”

Then we breathe-in with our hearts, with tremendous love, all the light surrounding us and breathe-out that love, imagining that this love completely covering the Earth and spreading out into eternity.

We need your help! We need your Love, not fear. Love yourself to the point that no fear will poison your life. Enjoy it now! And Love...Love yourself and others as we are All-One!

Peace and Love to All!

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