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Schumann resonance. How to acclimate the body to accept the higher frequencies.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

In continuation of yesterday's post, I started to watch Schumann Resonance to compare it with my body responses... Guess what? No data shown since yesterday at around 3pm EST until now...Interesting, don't you think? Is it a coincidence? See the snapshot of the graph below. Also, you can check by yourself at the Russian website which can be found HERE where daily data is shown on the current Schumann fluctuations.

Continuing to explore the subject further, I found another great article that resonates with me. Please read it all, and be open to it, that is for your own good.

Just a reminder, please share this link so that those who are having difficulties can use the techniques described in this article to alleviate their adjustment symptoms.

Techniques such as:

1. Meditation- not the kind of meditation to connect with astral beings or to have out-of-body experiences. Peace, pause, and breath meditation and focusing on energy flow work best, and open eye meditation is also good.

2. Grounding, or Earthing- Bare feet on the ground, spending time in nature, sea salt baths, swimming, eating grounding foods.

3. Ask your higher being (higher self/Source/Guidance team) to assist you in acclimation, especially if you are suffering.

4. Drink plenty of pure water! No fluoride.

5. Rest- the body has an uncanny ability to do much of its re-setting while it is asleep or lying still.

6. Loving yourself and caring for the body.

7. Gentle exercise- moving the energy to release blockages and encourage proper energy flow.

8. Whole foods- as opposed to processed or GMO foods.

9. Massage

10. Spiritual Counsel or Life Coaching with an expert who has an understanding of the cause and holistic treatments.

11. Listen to your body and do what feels right to make it comfortable.

Rought gentle to yourself!

Here are other sites I checked on the Schumann Resonance graph

Love and Peace to All!

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