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Simple Act of Kindness, is it that simple?

Updated: Nov 21

or My First Spiritual Initiations

One morning I woke up and these two episodes of my life flashed in my mind along with a message to be delivered...I'm pretty sure everyone has such encounters but not everyone notices subtle energies that are present or conveyed during these so-called acts of kindness.

I was at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I would say 16 years ago, and two experiences I had almost one after another...with no connection or meaning at that time...

Early morning, I was on my way to work when the old black man asked me to help him find the right path to his subway line, as he was going to the hospital for eye surgery and he didn't see very well. Despite knowing that I was going to be late, and being on time was important to me, I led the man through levels to the train line which would get him to his destination. When I was about to retreat he said, "BLESS YOU"...

I was overwhelmed... perceiving the golden light showering over me, filling me with love and bliss... he stepped on the train and disappeared from view, but I was still standing there... paralyzed by the shockwave of his BLESSING. I told this story to my family and friends, it was memorable as I have never had experiences as such.

Another episode happened a couple of months later, in springtime, we went outside to fly a kite. Even though it was sunny, the freezing wind was penetrating our bodies with chills... I was shaking to my core, and my little daughter embraced herself seeking protection from a cruel wind. In the instant, I took off my thin jacket and wrapped her in it a couple of times. She felt safe and warm after all.

To my surprise, I didn't feel the cold anymore...I was like in a warm protective blanket... no wind can go through it...

Today, as a more spiritually grown person, I certainly can say that the Divine and my Guardian Angels were (and are) looking after me, and provided comfort wrapping me with their loving wings.

These two stories are helping me to deliver today's message:


Peace and Love to All!

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