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Stay calm! This too shall pass!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Dear All,

In this stormy time, I want you to be strong and calm. The good changes on their way!

I want to emphasize, that if you put more of your energy (thoughts, emotions)in what you don't want or fear, you actually make the problem even bigger.

Remember, it is important NOT TO panic!!! or go into overwhelm for the reason that fear lowers your immunity, not to mention that it increases stress, depression and anxiety and leads you to behave irrationally. There is more chance to get sick from all of that, than from the virus itself.

Be precautious? Yes! But don’t participate in this play. Observe, do not attach to the external circumstances. Everything in this life for a reason and everything is designed that we experienced and remember who we really are...we are magnificent beings of light in human form and we create our worlds... we have a choice and free will and we can create and choose where to live, in hell or paradise. I don’t believe you want to choose hell for yourself and your loved ones? So... DO NOT CREATE IT!

My recommendation for your daily activities include:

· Turn off all media... sounds least be conscious, stay as observer do not attach, but contain your sovereign space, stay calm.

· Enjoy your life: laugh, sing, dance, do what you enjoy to do

· Raise your vibration

· Focus on your highest good and greatest good of all

· Do not feed negativity with your energy ...

· Nurture yourself with Nature and Sunshine (as much time as you can)

· Eat healthy, avoid processed food

· Sleep at least 8 hours a day

· Do an Affirmation before bed: I’m strong and I’m healthy! Put your emotions and believe in that statement. And feel it.

Collective needs your high vibes!

I'm holding the vibration of Love and Peace, what is your choice?

I love you all!

May your life be filled with Peace Harmony and Love!

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